Heel & Toe

Byron Place proudly supported Heel & Toe Children’s Charity for a number of years and have raised £11,555.57 overall.

Heel & Toe Children’s Charity was established in 2008 and provides free conductive education therapy to children aged between 6 months and 19 years old who have a movement disorder. This therapy improves children’s health, independence and well-being as well as encouraging confidence and greater mobility. The charity is not government funded and believes that no child should be denied therapy due to lack of money.

The Shopping Centre’s fundraising efforts are committed to help the goals of the charity that has establish a Centre of excellence, delivering a range of therapies which will benefit the children and their families for many years. The charity can only continue to do this with the ongoing support of the people of the North East and beyond.

For more information about Heel & Toe please visit http://heelandtoe.org.uk/

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